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Well, getting to know me, I guess!! Given that I honestly could write a thesis on who I am and how my life works, I thought I condense that down into 10 basic points; 5 of my favourite things about our life, and 5 of my not-so-favourite things. Ready? Lets go!

The Favs

1. I’m pregnant! Pretty#3 has been a long project. There won’t be a 6 year age gap between my middle and youngest child on purpose, and so I’m determined to enjoy every moment of this pregnancy. Even the swollen ankles. Did I mention my ankles are swollen yet? Cause they are. Lots. But every little kick, every hiccup, every pair of pants that won’t do up around my belly make it all worth it. We still have quite a bit to go, but I already talk as a Mother of Three. And I can’t wait for her to arrive.

2. Our house. There were some darker times a few years ago that I really thought we were going to be stuck in the rental trap forever. We kept having to move after our landlords would sell, it got to the point where Pretty M had had more bedrooms then birthdays. We stumbled upon a state government program that allowed families to build their own homes in order to get into the property market. It was a dream come true. I love every aspect of our home, and whilst there are some things I wish we had, I wouldn’t change anything. It’s perfect for our first house, and even though we may need to upgrade in a few years time . . . I think we’ll struggle to say goodbye to this place.

3. My husband. We’re pretty lucky. My husband is home during the day, and is willing to head out to work part time at night. Despite his many university qualifications, and the fact that he’s currently doing his doctorate, he does some pretty dull night fill work for a large hardware chain. And even more then that, he enjoys it. His research is pretty incredible, but there are many years to go. This works for us for the most part. It means that until he works at the university full time, he’s home to pick the girls up from school and will be home with the baby when I go back to work next year. When he is working full time, we’ll reassess my working arrangements. We think it’s important to have one of us home for them all the time, and are willing to make the sacrifices to ensure that happen.

4. Coffee. It may have come from spending so much of my adult career working in Melbourne’s CBD, but I love a good, strong, barista coffee. We have a coffee machine, but admittedly I rarely use it. In my current condition I’m down to one or two coffee’s per day, and so early in the morning I stick to instant, so that I don’t wake the kids up before 7am. Depending on how the first half hour at my desk goes, I may escape downstairs for a proper coffee from the cafe at work. Otherwise I’m drinking decaf instant. Coffee is my soft drink. A hot drink calms me down, and refocuses me.

5. A whole house to decorate! I’m a bit of a frustrated interior designer. I love playing with colour, and features and layouts. I’ve been dreaming of all the possibilities for every room in our house. Of course, the only rooms I’ve actually done is PrettyM’s. And even that room I’m already keen to move the furniture around! Lucky you, we’ve only just put the first coat of paint on the nursery, so you’ll be able to share in our nursery decorating as it happens. I have some big plans for PrettyC’s room too. I’m trying to decide if it’s worth the effort of painting the tree . . . or if I should just buy a decal. I’ll share some pics of the girls rooms soon.

So thats my current 5 Favourite things about our life right now. The not-so-favs . . . coming soon!! 


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