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Hello again! Who can believe it’s Wednesday already!! Gotta Love a short week!

So following on from the previous post;

The not-so Favs

1. High-risk pregnancy. I tell you what, this pregnancy caper was a stack easier when I was 21!! Having said that, even M’s pregnancy ended in Pre-eclampsia, followed by HELLP (which we didn’t find out until later when I needed my gallbladder out because my liver still hadn’t repaired itself). M was 4 weeks early, by an elective c-section because my blood pressure was just too high to risk an induction. But we were incredibly lucky as she was simply perfect. PrettyC’s pregnancy ended in a similar way, although not as serious. This pregnancy has been exceptional so far. We had a big scare at the end of our first trimester, but other than that my health has been great. My blood pressure is almost low, which is amazing. I’m due for my glucose challenge shortly, so it will be nice to cross diabetes of the list as well. Being in the high-risk category means I’m getting good care, but it also feels like a ticking bomb, and makes enjoying pregnancy a bit of a juggling act. It also means that if I mention any niggle or negative on Facebook, 25 of my family and friends insist I go to my OB for a checkup.

2. Stress. My life isn’t perfect, no ones is. The fact that Husband is home and only works part-time means that our budget is tight, and trying to juggle everything is not easy. I’m also a bit of a super control freak, and I insist on taking on a lot more than perhaps I need too. We’ve been trying to refinance our house since we moved in, and I’m over dealing with brokers and banks and government departments. Over. It.

3. Time. Or lack there of. It took me a long time to let go of all the things I couldn’t do anymore when I went back to work. I used to teach scrapbooking techniques, heck, I used to actually scrapbook. I used to make cards. I used to  bake for my girls. I’m looking forward to being that mother again. And I’m even trying to slow down things in our lives towards the end of this pregnancy so I can start taking some of this time back for our family again (although, seriously, we have a social event or two every weekend till June!!!) But if I had a magic lamp and genie I’d wish that I had boundless energy and that there was 35 hours in everyday so that I could fit the baking, crafting and general lounging about in! Of course, I’d probably end up at work for most of that time!!!

4. Turning Thirty. I’m so ashamed that I’ve turned into *that* women. Who dreads their birthday. I swore I’d never EVER be hung up on age. And lots of people tell me I’m young. Part of if it might come from that fact that I wanted to be ‘done’ babywise by my 30th, and I’ll miss that by a couple of months. I’m trying to be positive and remember that this will be a whole new chapter for me, my girls and our family.

5. Weight. Like lots of women, I’m much heavier than 1) I’ve ever been and 2) I should be. I’m eating fairly well during this pregnancy (although, my craving for milkshakes not helping. Think of the Calcium, Think of the Calcium) but still I can’t do as much exercise as I’d like because of my stomach muscles having already separated, and my general exhaustion. I’m hoping to work on this while at home with the baby.

So now you know the good AND the bad!!

Tomorrow I’m planning to reveal our plans for the nursery, which we painted over the long weekend, and thanks to the awesome Spotlight sale, I got some lovely fabric and awesome curtains for.

Have a lovely day!!


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