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Clearly I’m a “list” girl . . .

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April is a busy month for us this year. Heck so is May. In fact, we pretty much have a social event planned every weekend till Queens Birthday weekend in June. Not great in the late stages of pregnancy, but I do keep telling myself it’s better then having them in the first few weeks of newborn-ness.

Possibly more annoying me, with the except of today’s wedding adventure, most of the social events are ours!! Next weekend we’re throwing a Baby Shower (My Baby Shower with PrettyM was booked too late and she’d already arrived, and I didn’t need one for PrettyC, so this will be my first one!), followed by Husbands birthday on ANZAC day, PrettyC’s birthday two days later, her party (at McDonald’s thank goodness!), then mothers days, a sneaky quick¬†Babymoon, My 30th and then queens birthday! Yikes!!!!!!

We had PrettyM’s party at home in Feb, and most of our extended family came to that to check out our new home, so I am feeling some pressure to have some more “things” done around the place. Things like;

– More Art on the walls

– Finish off PrettyC’s room a bit more

– Nicer curtains in the lounge.

– Definitely need curtains up in nursery.

At this rate, I’ll need to take the week off work!! That list is depressing. Alright, lets look at the recent things we HAVE done to the house.

– Added to our front garden

– Painted our “wing fence” surfmist to match the garage door

– Pebbles and pavers to the front door

– Repainted the front door

– New pots to the front yard.

– Some decor beginings in the girls bathroom

– Picture rails in the entry hall (desperately need some coordinated frames for this though!)

Wanna see???


It’s a work in progress!!! Baby steps, I keep telling myself, Baby steps!!

What do you need/want/wish you could do around your house this week?? Share your projects with me, I need some inspirations!!




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