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Not every day is easy . . .

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No denying that. Today was not an easy day, and for no real overwhelmingly clear reason.

But there where some silver linings, and in an effort to keep breathing in and out, I like to focus on those.

Reason to smile # 1


My Bump and I, with our funky pink $2 Kmart flat shoes, went out in the sunshine to pick up the two big Pretties from school. And each of them had a surprise for me . . . School Photos!!

Reason to smile # 2


We had a delivery today . . . The lollies for our Lolly Buffet at our “Sugar and Spice” Baby Shower on the weekend. It’s taken a lot of bribery to convince the Husband not to eat them . . . especially the white chocolate covered raspberry bullets!!! 

Reason to smile # 3


Finding “Love Art” from PrettyC this evening on my mobile phone.

I swear, my kids are beautiful amazing little people. 


Tell me about the silver lining in your day . . . 




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