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I’m a almost thirty year old Mum from the outer suburbs of Melbourne, with two pretty girls currently, and one on the way. I currently work full time, while my Husband is home with the girls. He’s also doing his PhD in Media/Communications, and I am so proud of him. I’m looking forward to 8 months of Maternity leave, and having the luxury of being able to spend those first few months of our new daughters life together. We are very blessed.

We’ve moved into our first home 4 months ago, after spending a long 18 months building it ourselves. I love our home, and I’m very much enjoying putting the final pretty touches on. And then changing those pretty touches, much to my husbands disgust.

Our girls are the reason I do just about everything; work, write, craft.

Pretty M is 8 years old and (with the exception of my husband) the smartest person I know. Having decided that she wants to grow up to be a “scientist who also does art”, M makes life lots of fun.

Pretty C is about to turn 6, and is sweetest little person. She’s going to be a wonderful big sister, and I’m so relieved we’re going to be able to finally give her this chance. She’s also hilarious, and loves to tell jokes (Why did the cow cross the road? To get to the Moooooo-vies!).

Pretty#3 is due in July, and her sheer volume of moments scares me for the kind of little person she’s going to become. I’m hoping that what everyone tells us about 3rd babies being easy going and calm to be true!!

I’ve started this blog so that I can treasure these last few weeks of my pregnancy, the first beautiful times of my new baby girl and to show our big girls just how loved they are. I want to share the ways we’re keeping life simple and calm, and find new fancy ways to do this!!

Please leave me some comments or feedback! Do you have a blog? Show me!!


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  1. I’m at looking forward to getting to know you xo

  2. Lovely to find you x


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