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Planning . . . And how Pinterest doesn’t count!

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I’m having a Baby Shower!!! Hooray!!! I’m pretty excited to show off our home again, and I have found a love for entertaining. Although, I have found some things that my pregnant belly and I are not loving. Shopping, Being   Organised. Cleaning.

I am spending a lot on Pinterest being inspired. Which was helpful maybe two weeks ago. But tonight, as I look through some of the gorgeous lolly buffets, home made buntings and delish looking desserts, I realise that will a full day at work tomorrow, and the Pretties at swimming and acro on Saturday, that my timeline is pretty slim to scour op shops looking for glass bowls and jars, or hit cake shops for sweet mini cookie cutters.

I am determined to have helium balloons, and I am determined to have a bunting/banner that says “SUGAR AND SPICE” I have a delightful assortment of sweets, I have an action plan to bake on Friday/Saturday morning, and I have a gorgeous friend, brilliant family who are also bringing treats for our guests to enjoy.

So the theme of our baby shower is pink, red, white & grey (to match the nursery!) and, of course, “Sugar and Spice, And all things Nice”. The plan is to turn our dining area into a lolly buffet, with scones, donuts, macaroons, sugar cookies and fruit platters for afternoon tea. Pink Sparkling wine, Raspberry and plain lemonade for refreshments and hot drinks for those who need it. Plus some sweet Cider for the boys to sit out the back with.

I made our invitations in Photoshop (along with some thank you cards, and an editable birth announcement so they all match) sent them out in pretty red envelopes with silver writing. My mother was horrified I’d posted her one, telling me it was a waste of a stamp, but I’m a firm believe that it’s always nice to get something in the mail at isn’t a bill – even if you’re expecting it.

I have, however, struggled to find anything to base my decorations off in my chosen colour scheme . . . But maybe that’s a good thing and my Baby Shower will simply forge its own way forward!! But until I can show off the pictures of what I’ve done, here are some of the places I found inspiration;

From Project Nursery –

From Catch My Party –

From Hello-Naomi –

Pretty#3 and I are 29 weeks today . . . I had a dream about her last night, and it felt so good to feel her chubby heaviness in my arms. BUT she did look completely different to the rest of us, with black hair and so chub. My big Pretties where both long and lean, with PrettyM having reddish hair (like mine) and PrettyC being the same baby, just with a thick chunk of dark brown hair right on the top. We were so thrown by the littlest pretty looking so different that she didn’t suit any of the names on our short list!! Yikes!

I’m off for some last-minute tidying before hitting bed for the evening!!

I’ll be doing some Baby Shower prep photo updates, so watch out for those!!