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The plans of mice & men . . .

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When I had my two big pretties, we where renting. With PrettyM I was able to put up removable decals in her nursery, but there wasn’t a huge range of them 8 years ago. They where “Henry’s Nursery” themed and we teamed them with Yellow and Purple accents, a Yellow bookcase and light brown wood. By the time PrettyC came along, we’d moved and C slept in with us. We even abandoned the change table, opting for a caddy of supplies we carried to various rooms in the house. PrettyM had a big girl bed, but no theme to her room.

I have loved having our blank canvas of a house to play with decorating wise. It’s a work in progress, and some times it feels too big and I wish it was done already, but most of the time I love just being here.

We were so lucky to be able to get a 4 bedroom house, and we will originally signed the contract for this house, 2 years ago, I was pregnant. It seemed perfect, 3 bedrooms in the “kid wing” of the house, and three kids to fill them. We signed our contract, the following weekend was easter and so with our Easter wishes to our family and friends, we announced that we were expecting our first home and our third baby. Sadly, that baby left us after 13 weeks and after a traumatic hospital stay, we were left with our beautiful home plans but with one flaw – an empty fourth room.

Throughout the build this empty room was a heavy burden. There where days I couldn’t even go into it. I wasn’t sure we would ever have another baby, my husband didn’t really want to try again, afraid we’d have to go through all that pain again. I made plans to have a “craft/sewing/scrapbooking room” but I was never really sure I’d be able to enjoy our little empty room for myself. I knew it would always be “the room that isn’t the nursery”. When we moved in, we put boxes in there that we didn’t know what else to do with yet.

We found out I was pregnant about 2 weeks after. It was like she waited until we moved.

At 14 weeks, 3 days after Christmas, after we’d told everyone, I began to bleed and I was convinced that this pregnancy was all over . Again. I was devastated and Husband was heartbroken.

As miracles would have it, we were both amazed to have another scan that showed our Pretty#3 was perfectly fine. My little girl was a fighter. Even so I promised myself we wouldn’t purchase anything or do anything in the nursery until I hit the 24 week mark. Viability.

Today I am 28 weeks. We’ve taken our time, but I am finally letting the excitement of this take over. Last weekend, we painted our nursery. I think Husband must have said to me about six times “W . . . we’re painting a nursery!” The man makes me swoon.

Sooo . . . lets talk colours!!! OMG it was so hard to choose! I didn’t want to go too girly, but I did want something that I could update when she gets a bit bigger. It also had to be somewhat neutral, as we plan to upgrade the house in 3 or 4 years and would probably need to sell.

After weeks of searching Pinterest . . . I decided on Grey, Red and Pink. And this little mousey from IKEA was my main inspiration;

Isn’t she sweet??

A very, very generous girlfriend of mine has given us a beautiful cot and change table in a dark stained wood, which has now been set up and we’ve painted the walls in Dulux¬†“Silkwort”

And here is the fabric I plan to use for little projects . . . curtains, mobiles, cushions, lampshades.

I’m currently putting together a list of all my favourite nursery/kid’s room blogs for inspiration . . . I promise I’ll share them with you soon!!




Sneak Peek . . .

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As promised, today I’m going to show you some plans for Pretty#3’s nursery . . . so here are some sneak peeks before tonight’s post!!

Have a fabulous Thursday!!!