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Dear Big Chain Retailers (Big W, Kmart, Target etc) . . .

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I am very swollen at the moment. And although yesterday I did wake up with some oedema in my face (nothing 3 bottles of water, some asprin and a banana didn’t cure), my brain is not swollen. And because my brain is not pressing catastrophically against my skull, I’m also not overcome with the urge to suddenly wear stripy sporty type t-shirts 24 hours a day. Or long oddly square shaped sheer shirts. Or bra’s that 3 cup sizes too small (seriously I don’t know a single size 16 women with B cups – Do you not wonder why you have 85 of this size in every style??) . 

Kmart appears to have elimated it’s maternity range completely, with only the above mentioned stripey sport singlet/t-shirts left. Big W has one style of jeans (in a crazy, royal blue) and some bonds maternity wear, but still only 2 racks of clothes. Target has a small range of some slightly nicer clothes, but is very limited in it’s sizing. In Myer last week I found nothing. Zip. Zero. Nada.

Now, in the last 2 years as my weight has pushed me into the size 16 and above category I have found it more difficult to shop for clothes. Nice, young, funky clothes. But never more so then now that I have a bump to accommodate. 

Now there are some beautiful maternity clothes avalaible online or in places like RIPE, Pumpkin Patch or SOON maternity. But most of their office appropriate shirts/tops start at $45-$50, and frankly I just can’t justify $250 on just tops for the next 6 weeks of my life (not when there is much more fun things to buy, like cloth nappies, baby headbands and pretty lamps for the nursery!!). I would love to buy one or two really nice tops to wear during meetings and contract presentations, to rotate with some nice staples. But I’m fast running out of options, and with these big chains abandoning our niche market in such a fashion, I’m tempted to take maternity leave early!! 

So help a lady out – How did you make your wardrobe stretch through those last few months?? Where are your favourite places to shop for basic staples??